67 Crochet Appliques & Garlands por Lisa Gentry

67 Crochet Appliques & Garlands por Lisa Gentry

Titulo del libro: 67 Crochet Appliques & Garlands

Autor: Lisa Gentry

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Lisa Gentry con 67 Crochet Appliques & Garlands

Who doesn’t love a garland? Lisa Gentry presents Crochet Appliques & Garlands an eBook that includes 67 cute, clever, easy and quick crocheted motifs which can be mixed and matched to create your own festive and fun designs. Whether for holidays, special occasions or just every day, there is something for everyone. They are simple to make, require little yarn and make great gifts. Many were created to hang on a crocheted garland or chain, as shown on the cover page.You can also use the motifs as appliques to dress up a plain shirt or decorate a bag. Create gift tags, bookmarks, magnets and ornaments. Work them in thread to make earrings! Change the colors to suit your décor. The possibilities are as limitless as your imagination. You may use any weight yarn or thread, just be sure to adjust the hook size. Each motif includes written instructions and crochet chart.Patterns are written in standard American crochet terms.